Cherry & Rosewater Ice Cream

Photo by Savannah van der Niet 

Photo by Savannah van der Niet 

Finally – an ice cream recipe WITHOUT FORTY THOUSAND EGG YOLKS. I really fucking hated wasting all those whites and separating eggs is GROSS. Because it doesn’t have eggs, this ice cream tastes a little more subtle and ‘milky’ than you might be used to. And churning it regularly (if you STILL don’t have an ice cream maker even though YOU ASK FOR ONE FOR CHRISTMAS EVERY YEAR) is VERY IMPORTANT. You'll also have to make this recipe the night before because it can take ages to freeze (... No, I don't know why this is better than buying it at the shops, you got me). Experiment with different fruits/flavours if you want – I chose this one because cherries are in season and I’ve got an almost-full bottle of rosewater that’ll probably come with me to my grave, I’ve used so little of it.

Serves 20 +


400g Caster Sugar
1.8l Milk
1.8l Cream
1.2l unsweetened condensed milk
Two Cups of Cherries
3 Tablespoons Rosewater

Heat the milk, cream, and rosewater in a large saucepan until it's gently boiling. Allow the mixture to thicken, stirring regularly (you want about a quarter of it to evaporate away). Take it off the heat and let cool.

Pour the condensed milk and cherries into the mixture. Pour into a couple of large baking trays (the shallower the mixture is the quicker it will cool). Churn with a whisk or fork every hour or so until it gets too frozen.

I served my ice cream with nothing because it was a long night and I couldn't be bothered cutting up more fruit, but if you've got time this might be night with some crushed almonds, pistachios or berries on top.