Bring a Thing!

***DISCLAIMER: I took the photos in this post, that's why they're so much shitter than the rest of the site. Unfortunately Savvy doesn't follow me around constantly taking pictures of everything I make. One day... ***

When you go to some kind of bring-a-plate it really means anything from a packet of quick-sale lamingtons still in their packet from Coles, to canned dolmades arranged nicely on a plate with some lemon slices, to home-made lavender macarons and a whole home-cured  juniper berry salmon.

There's always someone that goes way too all-out (hello! I did actually think about doing a whole cured salmon once, but luckily it was expensive as hell and I came to my senses), but bringing something simple, home-made and delicious is a cool way to say 'thanks for having me!' to your host, and make them maybe less mad when you drink most of the punch and start yelling about how much you've always hated their dumb cat/child. 

Here's three recipes that will hopefully achieve this goal. They're relatively easy to make, easy to transport and most can be eaten room-temperature or microwaved. There'll be more Bring a Thing posts to come - I wanted to have a few more recipes this time, but everything kept getting eaten before I remembered to take a photo. 

These Macadamia Sandwich Biscuits with Fig and White Chocolate filling (recipe here) are pretty much the first baked-thing I've ever made where I made up the recipe myself and they actually turned out quite good! I'm usually shit at baking, so I'm probably unreasonably proud of them. They were a little salty and sweet and HUGE and very very tasty. I very rarely cook the same thing twice but I reckon I'll do these again. 

I made this Asparagus, Potato and Mushroom Fritata (recipe) for a work birthday lunch - I cut it up into slices to put in a container to transport, but if you can keep it in one piece until you get to the dinner/party it obviously looks a lot more impressive. It's good hot, room temperature, or cold with a side salad. It tastes pretty good. There's a lot of cream in it. Please excuse the Jamie Oliver book in this photo - people find out you like cooking and suddenly you're getting one of his or Nigella's (love it) for Christmas for all of eternity. 

People bloody love a good sandwich, and these meatball subs and prawn salad rolls (recipe) are two pretty solid ones. The meatballs and sauce and prawn salad can both be transported in tupperware containers, then all you have to do is buy sausage buns and people can fill their own. Obviously the prawn salad is better refrigerated, and don't leave the meatballs out for more than an hour or two - less in summer! 


I forgot to get a photo of one of the meatball ones by itself - but I don't know, imagine a meatball sub. It looked like that.