What? Why?


I really like cooking - but only under specific circumstances. I never cook for myself, cause who could be fucked but I love cooking for big groups of friends. Dinners with my stupid mates crammed around the one table in a sharehouse, drinking all night and yelling and eating way too much and telling me what a great job I've done are pretty much my favourite thing.

 Basically I like cooking for compliments - people get so psyched when you cook for them (mostly because they don't realise how easy it is), and for a bit of work I can get all the praise I need to fuel my giant only-child ego for days. It feels so great that I thought other people, who maybe don't cook all that much or for that many people, might want to give it a go. 

This kind of cooking doesn't need to be perfect - it just needs to be tasty and different from what your friends would generally cook for themselves. The recipes on this site don't call for Thermo-mixes or sous vide machines or pressure cookers - they can be made on a four-burner electric stove with a shitty oven like mine. Most importantly, they're easy to cook lots of - most of my dinners are for between 6 - 20 people, and spending all night in the kitchen while your friends are having fun SUCKS, so most of the elements of these meals you can make ahead of time, heat up in bulk and assemble easily. 

Where things get a bit tricky or expensive, I'll try and give you a workaround to make it easier or cheaper, and if you think you've got a better way to do something definitely try it - everything I cook is a basterdised version of another person's recipe anyway. 

If you wanna host something a bit more elaborate and want some help with the menu planning/need to borrow a big pot or some recipe books or or something, go to the 'help' section and maybe I can give you a hand. No promises.